A Bit of History

R A Y N E, born Ruben Wayne Lotter, is a South African singer, songwriter, actor and dancer. Born on April 23rd, 1998 in Roodepoort, Gauteng to Linda Louise (Botes) and Marius Jesaja Lotter.


From a very young age, Rayne displayed a great passion for music and theatre; he starred as ‘Danny’ in his pre-school’s production of “Grease” where he first discovered his love for performing. He joined his school’s choir at the age of 8, but soon lost interest as he described it as being “boring and square like”, he then moved on to the school’s revue group the next year and felt right at home. The theatrical performances consisting of dancing, singing and acting sat well with the young performer and he began to bloom, repeatedly being placed in lead roles or having solo moments in various productions, including being invited to record most of the productions’ soundtracks. 

At the age of 11, he joined the Tshwane Youth Theatre, where he starred in a few productions including the group’s rendition of the classic “Wizard of Oz”. While having a great passion for theatre and acting, Rayne’s true love was music, and he began shifting his focus away from theatre and more towards musical activities.
At the age of 14, Rayne taught himself to play the piano, on a small Casio keyboard which his parents had gifted to him for his birthday after seeing his dedication and passion for music. He spent countless hours learning songs and compositions, and honing his musical skill whenever he could find the time.

During High School, Rayne explored the world of theatre once more, writing and directing numerous plays, as well as starring in them himself, for which he received multiple accolades during the school’s annual theatre week. He also co-directed some of the school’s musical productions. He joined the school’s drama club for a time, before once again, shifting his focus to music.
At 15, he partook in the Barnyard Theatre’s “Search for Talent” competition, and made it to the Grand Finals, where he earned himself the awards for ‘Best Performer’ and ‘Best New Artist’. He started performing at bars and open mic nights at various venues shortly after.


In 2014, at the age of 16, Rayne was offered a contract with the Barnyard Theatre for an upcoming production, which would be performed over weekends. Rayne spent his days as an average teen in a public High School, his evenings at home writing songs, playing the piano or performing whatever shows he could, and his weekends at the Barnyard Theatre for the next 2 years.

On July 26, 2015, Rayne held his first independent solo show at the Parkview Barnyard Theatre’s ‘Musiekskuur’ venue, which sold out. He put on a 2-hour live show, with a three-piece band, and the show came to a successful end. With numerous audience members requesting details for future shows. In 2016, Rayne opened for The Parlotones, an esteemed and successful South African band. Rayne received positive remarks and praise from both the audience and the band. He then went on to perform at Afrikaans singer, Dozi’s events at his private venue where he joined the likes of Kurt Darren, Chris Chameleon, Corlea Botha, Bok van Blerk and a multitude of other well-established South African artists onstage, once again holding his own and receiving praise for his artistic and musical prowess. Since then he has been offered multiple contracts with the Barnyard Theatre and has been consistently performing at least 6-7 nights a week for the past 3 years. He has been extremely well received by the audiences at the Barnyard Theatre and has built quite the reputation.


In 2019 R A Y N E went on to perform several shows abroad, including a tour to Mauritius in June, and a tour to Zambia in November. He also performed at the Alberton Day Music Festival in October, on two of the three days on which the festival took place. In August 2019 R A Y N E decided to step off the stage at The Barnyard Theatre, planning to devote all of his time and resources to pursue his career as a solo artist and is currently working on releasing his debut single, which is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2020

"I try not to be part of the crowd, but the reason for it."

                                                             - R A Y N E

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